Alex Schleber (URL) said:

You guys aren’t becoming infected by Microsoft’s branding confusion, are you? “Business Insider – Silicon Alley Insider” has hints of “Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail”… best to keep it simple.

As you already said, Google PR will be gone for a bit, just make sure you fix your robots.txt file to not be turning the Googlebot away anymore (it did this for until yesterday’s site change).

If you type in this query:

you can see that none of your clusterstock post pages were indexed (i.e. their full text) since about August of 2008 due to the faulty robots.txt


Thank you, Alex! We’ve been trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with the Clusterstock Google search for months.

Yes, branding confusion a challenge. Almost there, I think, but still needs some work. Promise we won’t become Microsoft.

Bit of explanation, the SAI guys, who you might consider relative blogging pro’s (880k uniques/month, nearly half of TechCrunch), messed up and had a faulty line on their robots.txt file. They intended to invite the Googlebot, and block everyone else (there may be issues with that too, but that’s a different story).

By falsely referring to the “Googlebot” as merely “Google”, Google did in essence not recognize the invitation, and stayed away as ordered. None of the site’s pages were being indexed as to their actual text on page, only the titles/files were picked up (not sure why/how even that got done, possibly from external link pick-up, which then ended in a robots.txt “disallow”?).

Wonky, I know. But in this day and age, if you do anything at all on the Web, you are to some extent in the business of SEO (search engine optimization), like it or not, realize it or not…

Glad to be of service 😉