Participating in the TweeterGetter spam is NOT cool & I had to block you. This junk is corrosive to the Twitter community. If you happen to be a decent person merely unthinkingly caught up in this, please cancel ur TG sign-up & get the word out. Thx.

This is a message I just sent to someone that had followed me on Twitter today. When looking at their profile, the TG retweet/spam update was near the top, so sent this right before blocking them.

You can use it as a template, it’s under 255 characters, so it will be sent/received as a DM, even though the character counter will say -115 (a little less) when you copy paste it into the DM field that comes up when you click the “message xyzusername” link on the right side of their profile.

Let’s stop this Twitter spam, TweeterGetter most of all!