Great & often creative wish list of new Twitter Features. A few thoughts:

1) The issue with text URLs would be that it would likely run over the 140-160 character limit that allows 1 Tweet to be sent as 1 SMS text message. Just because the URL is hidden doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be sent. I guess there could be a translation of link text back to raw (& shortened) URL.

2) Overall, totally agreed that Twitter needs to integrate the search features into the Web interface, including through clickable hashtags in the updates and maybe in the sidebar as you mention. They also need to index and make searchable user bios, and possibly Favorites.

3) Speaking of favorites, they are the stepchild of Twitter features and used by few due to lack of tangible feedback after the action (such as a pre-populated status update with e.g. “FV: text of tweet… [link to the faved status]” format, similar to what users have taken upon themselves through Retweets RT’s.

4) An RT link similar to that in Tweetdeck, even though there are issues with the RT format breaking any “in reply to” links to the RT’d update, see discussion here:

5) Agreed that “mentions” including RT’s should be shown under either “Replies” or a separate tab, as is now the case in Tweetdeck.

6) Note that hover-style extra info is available through Power Twitter FF plugin, but it makes the browser quite slow due to too much extra info being loaded.

7) Overall, group features rightly seem to sit at #1 for all requested feautures, I could see them adding this through paid “Pro-Accounts”. I know I would PRE-pay for one at reasonable price point if they promised to add this e.g. within 3 months… 🙂