Because Twitter gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with your audience like never before–without relying on them opening an email or going to ****your static blog.****

My **** highlights.

Think about what these innocuous few words are really saying: Now a regular blog is beginning to be considered STATIC by some when compared to Twitter, and I don’t think Rich is that far off here.

But consider that Blogs with their commenting systems and frequent posts, etc. were very recently still considered the anti-thesis of a “static” web page or site.

I’ve been thinking much the same thing about Facebook vs. Twitter, and the speed differential that makes it so that piping your (active) tweetstream unfiltered into FB status updates is almost too much for your FB friends to handle: They might get ticked at you!

I started using the REGEX-based filtering feature in the “Tweeter” FB App to throttle things down significantly for that very reason.

But then FB is now moving to a more Twitter-like experience with the real-time newsfeed stream on your FB Home page already. Trying to catch up to Twitter speed…