But then something terrible happened right after World War II.  Most American entrepreneurs decided to trade their independence by selling their souls to the “Corporation.”  For the next 50 years, the myth of job security prevailed.

These past 50 years represent the Dark Ages of Entrepreneurship.  Specifically, this is the age I refer to as the era of “Entrepreneurial Dependence” which is marred by corporate scandals and corruption. 

Enron, WorldCom and Xerox are just a few of the dozens of examples listed on the Forbes Corporate Scandal Sheet.

Very smartly and succinctly put.

I agree that the peak days of corporate power are behind us, the model is under attack from without and within: The internet-driven rise of “The Long Tail” has been putting dents in corporate coffers in many if not most areas, among them retail, music, entertainment, & old media journalism. These are all on the defensive now.

From within, corporations are overwhelmed by the inefficiencies of complexity brought on by corporate hierarchies/silos/etc. These over time predictably negate the benefits of scale that where the impetus for and gave rise to larger and larger companies.