In chronicling the media’s contractions through @themediaisdying at Twitter, I’ve described these efforts as akin to watching Titanic and The Perfect Storm as if they were one movie. Ironically, it takes roughly 90 minutes each day to post and bear witness to the unprecedented implosion of the publishing industry. In doing this, two questions occur to me regularly: “How far through this movie are we?” and “Who’s captaining this ship?”

Fundamentally, it doesn’t make sense anymore to print YESTERDAY’S news on perfectly good trees, only to be (mostly unread) thrown away or used as fish-wrapping post-haste.

And the old media guys are still massively in the denial/anger/bargaining Stages of Grief. Saw a guy on Jon Stewart the other day that tried to argue that we should just pay them something, anything, micro-payments or whatever.

Fine, but they are even late to that game (a few years ago this might have flown, but now…?). With that kind of lack of insight and of creative thinking, they are unfortunately almost all doomed. Toast.

They fundamentally don’t get how the map has shifted underneath their feet. That the workable ways to monetize your content is to usefully/helpfully/non-annoyingly sell people more of what they were already looking at for free, e.g. more in depth information on subject X. And that it might take several intermediate steps of e.g. email marketing to get there.