Alex Schleber (URL) said:

Last I checked, just about none of these things were being mentioned and USED/integrated daily/nightly on most high value mainstream media outlets (Jimmy Falon, Rick Sanchez/Anderson Cooper, Daily Show, etc. etc.) the way Twitter is right now. Twitter is at the transition point from early adopters to early mainstream as we speak, and the mainstream is catching on fast.

Just ask the people at SXSW right now whether they think Comcast (?!?!?) is more important than Twitter…

In many ways, its unique architecture is providing a whole new communications paradigm (Synchronous IM-like plus asynchronous Email-like communication, plus blog-like commenting/discussion, plus trend mining, plus FAST Answers/Crowd-sourcing, shall I go on..?), and it’s running circles around even Facebook which just adjusted their user home page to be a bit more like Twitter (won’t work).

Check out this (wonkish, to give to your doubting boss): “On Twitter, mindcasting is the new lifecasting | Technology | LA Times”

One more thing: The open follower model is infinitely faster in terms of building social graphs when compared to Facebook’s “Walled Garden”, hence interactions take place that otherwise never would.

Your addition to the list of things Twitter does that no other service can?

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