This is not like traditional marketing – this is social marketing and being social requires a lot of interaction with other people. (Celebrities should pay attention to the rest of this article if they want their fans and followers to adore them beyond words. Acts of kindness by strangers are doubly appreciated when you admire the person already.)

This isn’t a magic “popularity” ingredient, nor can I ensure you’ll get followers by the droves if you take my advice. This IS however, a philosophical theory that can bring you benefits if you understand it and are able to take advantage of it in your self-promotional efforts.

I am not sharing this because I want everyone to think I have some super-sales twitter tactic for big-time business growth & thousands of followers or whatever the new crop of infamous “twitter marketers” are hawking. I follow lots of people, and I have seen (I think) virtually every kind of attempt to get followers and peddle one’s wares that exists. I see great businesses, big and small, that are sending out their info in an attempt to generate some interest in what they have to offer. And time and time again, I see some methods fail, or worse, suffer backlash from vocal users

Very well put, most marketing attempts on Twitter are still going badly astray.

On SOCIAL media people have a presumption of social context, and tend to see any abrupt breach of that context as a ****violation of social trust****, which tends to bring the most fierce kind of backlash/anger (just ask the bankers, etc. right now).

Give first, build social capital, and MAYBE, down the road, you might get in return. First, you have to earn the right to ask.

That said, I tend to believe that you should never try to sell anything directly to your first level followers/friends/etc. If it happens serendipitously, great, but never push for it.

Mostly, your followers/friends on e.g. Twitter might take you up on offers to serve as testers for free trainings, give you feedback/testimonials, JV with you, and possibly recommend you/send OTHER people your way. THAT is what you should be going for.

Any endorsement/recommendation/etc. is orders of magnitude more powerful than any “ultra-persuasive” sales copy you could dream up. Because the statement isn’t coming from YOU, it’s coming from someone else! People are much less guarded if it isn’t you saying some version of “my stuff is great, buy it”.