I was tempted to replace the word “Twitter” with the more inclusive “Social Media.” But I can’t bring myself to do it. Why? Because it’s not true for me. No other form of social media has had agency in my life like Twitter. It’s such a funny word, isn’t it? Twitter. Say it with me. Twitter. And I can assure you that a cynic like myself has not missed the irony of speaking about such a silly word in such grandiose, romanticized language…

Twitter is linear. And therefore, like running, it encourages forward motion. Nay, it insists upon forward motion. No loitering allowed. Grab your hat and hold on tight. No time for ‘but what if’ or ‘let me just think about this for awhile.’ And that dynamic is excellent for training yourself to be decisive. Shoot from your hip. Make a mistake, post something stupid (not that I ever have), it’s gone before you can come to a full blush.

Ironically, the fast pace forward makes the present moment, the right here, right now become very vivid and powerful.

Sometimes in order to understand an intangible, I close my eyes, think about that thing, and watch to see which familiar images come to my mind. With Twitter, I think of a fast current. A river driving hard and deep. But you have to jump in fully for it to do its magic. You have to engage. And let’s face it, engaging means leaving Doubting Thomas behind.

It means making yourself vulnerable to rejection. “… signing in and proclaiming your existence.” Or as John Haydon bravely says on his (professional) site, “Let’s be honest, we all have some fear about opening up and being ourselves… But this is who I am.” Provocative? I think so. It’s such a rush to finally say, this is who I am.

Take me or leave me. Say that out loud just once. Take me or leave me. I guarantee your shoulders will raise a full inch. You’ll sit up straighter. Chin raised.