The microstream behaves according to a set of rules not of its choosing but defined by its users. The twin coordinates of follow and track are the immutables: who do you care about and how can you be signaled. Once you open the channel, you make a decision about flow – a signal to noise algorithm that can only be fine-tuned if the calculation of value is responsive to changing events. Track is dynamic, the magic elixir that converts the normal into the exceptional.

Look around. Everywhere you hear the wail of those beleaguered by the microstream, helpless in the face of having to choose between giving up or being overwhelmed. What would we have given to have anticipated the collapse of the world economy, the few valuable signals that would have gotten us out while the getting was good? The value of information is in its timeliness, wrapped in the context of behavior by those we have learned to trust for their instincts, insights, courage, and humor in the face of the obvious.

Whoever conquers Track will be like those who made music and pictures come out of thin air, coursing over invisible wires and virtual rabbit ears.

Scoble has been working on conquering Track via Friendfeed, since Twitter never got around to allowing either groups, or keyword “Track” by followee/friend, track by groups, asf.

It’s definitely one of the main if not THE problem of our time, since attention has already become the only truly scarce resource in this information economy.

For the same reason of I’ve recently been experimenting with using Thunderbird (Mozilla/Firefox email client) to import my Twitter “with Friends” RSS stream and use simple message filters to accomplish some of what Scoble is describing here: