A repositioning process

  1. Conduct an assessment of your current situation, …
  2. Decide if you want to continue to pursue your current career or if you want to reposition your brand into a new market segment.
  3. Construct a new personal brand statement that tells the world what you do and who you do it for, while updating all of your marketing collateral to reflect this change, such as having a new “objective” in your resume.
  4. Research all the websites on the planet that have potential customers or hiring managers at companies you want to work for.
  5. Start creating content (blog/podcast, etc) on what you know and are passionate about.

While this is a good introductory list, like most personal branding advice it avoids digging deeper, into the fundamental question of what you ultimately want to/should stand for, what your brand’s essence truly is.

What if the answer to the question “So what’s YOUR story?” were EASY?

What if all of your activities including elevator pitches, marketing copy and content creation flowed effortlessly from knowing the answers to these DEEP questions?

Answers that would automatically connect with your intended audiences/markets, and that would increase FASCINATION with your (personal) brand at every turn… stay tuned.