Alex Schleber (URL) said:

What the commenters stating that Google could just build a Twitter-like platform themselves forget is, they already HAD one, it was called Jaiku and went nowhere. What matters is not technology but eyeballs/users. It’s the brand that matters, and Twitter’s brand has already been going mainstream in a big way.

How often do you hear FriendFeed, Google BlogSearch, or any number of other services being mentioned on CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, Colbert, WSJ, etc. etc.? That’s right, not a once. It’s the branding/positioning that matters more than anything else.

It was the same thing with YouTube BTW. And re: monetization concerns, understand once and for all that Google does not need to make a ton from these new acquisitions, it simply needs to PREEMPT competitors from turning any of them into genuine threats to their search dominance. And real-time search qualifies.

Twitter’s timeline (time-sorting + timeliness) is a missing piece in Google’s arsenal. Gary Vaynerchuck recently recorded this quick video to hammer the point home (oh, and he just closed a 7 figure book deal re:social media…):