Alex Schleber (URL) said:

Whatever they name it (and I am usually very picky about branding related stuff), they need to buy Twitter, and buy it right now (almost regardless the cost). Integrating Twitter’s real-time search results into the top of results is probably their last best hope to disrupt Google in any meaningful way.

Google’s authority-based results are getting stale, and while Microsoft’s results are even more stale (due to their lesser indexing speed/power), Twitter search is a comparatively low technological hurdle, and could completely bypass exactly those areas where will never pull ahead of Google (if they can even catch up).

Buying Twitter could solve so many problems for Microsoft it’s not even funny, provided they could resist the urge to screw it up by wanting to change Twitter’s infrastructure to Windows Servers, making it less cool/more corporate, or rebranding it as “Windows Live Microblogging Twitter”… 🙂

As a an ardent Twitter user, I don’t relish the prospect of this scenario, and thankfully Microsoft/Ballmer likely won’t understand, and allow Google to walk away with Twitter, preempting Microsoft’s possibly last chance with search.