BTW, here is a prime example of how NOT to do comments on your blog:

1) When I typed my comment and hit submit, the AdAge CMS/Blog software pretty much just swallowed it. I assume they wanted me to register/login first, but then you cannot allow someone to write a whole comment and then have it disappear.

Thankfully, I have been in the habit of ALWAYS hitting CTRL + A and CTRL + C before I submit anything, so my work wasn’t lost (been burnt one too many times with this, including in WordPress admin screens).

2) Here is the text from underneath the AdAge comment textarea:

“Note: Comments submitted to are posted automatically and will include the user name with which you registered. Ad Age reserves the right to delete comments that are insulting or personal in nature. Comments may be used in the print edition at editorial discretion. Comments are restricted to 500 words or less.”

This screams “Do NOT comment here”, it kills audience participation… ask yourself, how much do sites really gain from registering you? How many times have you gotten Emails from those CMS native lists? And while we’re at it, the thing where everyone says “Email (required)” on their blogs is downright cute:

Unless you are doing double-optin of some sort, you are NOT checking the Email address, so it really is kind of silly. A better way: “Email (if you want your Gravatar to show)” or similar. Just saying…

I would avoid most of these shenanigans on your own site. If someone can be bothered to comment on something on your blog, they want to do so NOW, not first jump through 5 hoops. Make it simple. Simplicity wins.