This blandness masks the rarity of her brain. Because whatever else Savant is, she is not a fraud. Her IQ has been tested and tested and tested again. When I asked her to describe how her mind approaches a problem, she said: “My first thought, maybe not thought, it’s almost like a feeling, is overview … It’s like, almost, a wartime decision. I keep thinking about all of the fronts, what’s supplying what, where are the most important points … ”

Jarvik, her husband for the past 21 years, says Savant’s gift is to be able to approach questions dispassionately, without our usual fears of or hopes for a particular answer.


You might want to read this several times. The key is DETACHMENT, which in turn allows as much of your brain power (as many of the neural networks as possible) to come into play, without the BLOCKS, stopping points, asf. that usually hinder the development of additional angles and solutions.

By the way, this is also why a so-called Mastermind Group works: Because it has a similar effect by allowing the “group mind” (the aggregate of the minds of the other participants) to go to work for you more dispassionately. By in a sense “borrowing” their neural networks, you can circumvent any of the blocks that had been creating a particular problem for you.