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A huge problem with Tweetdeck right now is that you cannot input more sophisticated queries on the “with Friends” stream, asf. And that the filters/searches and their results are not saved within the app.

I’ve been experimenting with using my “with friends” RSS feed to Thunderbird (Mozilla Email client) to get this permanent filter effect, plus archiving of all tweets by keyword, and from there on down to the “with links” and “RT” examples you provide.

Basically going from the very specific to the non-specific, and ending up with a residual pool of link-less, asf. tweets that can be sliced & diced for research purposes, but that has to be deleted every so often to not slow T-bird down too much (I’ve had up to 150k tweets in that residual folder, and it was getting too slow to search). All your targeted tweets are archived though, and T-bird does NOT have an issue using up the Twitter API limit too fast, or hogging massive memory and then crash and lose your current tweets every so often.

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That said, you should check out the basic tips this guy gives for using Tweetdeck right, it’s definitely useful, and way better than doing no filtering at all.